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Railway Services in Paris


Railway Services :

Paris has the best Rail services in the world.The Parisian railway services is considered the most safest by the visitors.

The RER service which is the underground metro service in Paris and the suburbs is also accessible from Charles De Gaulle airport.The TGV railway service which is the high speed railway service of France operates at terminal 2 of the Charles De Gaulle airport.TGV is owned by SNCF,national railway company of France.The RER lines A and B are operated by RATP Group,which is a public transport operator of Paris.

There are different types of tickets and passes available to travel throughout the Paris.

Single Use tickets: It is known as ticket t+.These tickets are sold as books of 10 or 20.They can be used for one continuous journey.

Day Tickets: It is known as Ticket Mobilis.It can be purchased anyday and used on some other day.It is used for unlimited travel on the Metro system for that particular day.

Multi Day Tickets: It is known as Carte Paris Viste. They were specially introduced for tourist and visitors.

Week Tickets: It is known as Pass Navigo Découverte.It is valid compulsory for Monday to Saturday.

Single day passes,weekly passes,monthly passes and yearly passes are also available.

Tourist information for Paris RER :

RER lines from A to E.

In suburbs the RER lines get split and they are designated by numbers after the line letter.

You can use the same ticket of Paris RER for Paris Metro when you are in Central Paris.

The Paris RER runs from 5.30am to 1am.

Carry a tourist RER Map.

RER line A : Runs west to Saint-Germain-en-Laye.Runs east to Disneyland Paris and west to La Defense.

RER line B : IRuns north to Charles De Gaulle airpot and south to Orly airport.

RER line C :It stays at Eiffel Tower and goes to Versailles.

RER line D : Stays at Gare De Lyon.Goes to north and south suburbs.

RRER line E : Goes to east Suburbs.


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