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Taxi Services in Paris


Taxis :

The taxis are easily available outside the terminals of all the airports. The taxis are different in colours but have a lit up sign on the roof which indicates that they are available. The taxis with an embossed “Taxi Parisien” are licensed. The rates are regulated by government and the tariff is displayed on the left rear window. Some airport taxis accept credit cards for payment.

From Airport To City Time-Rates
Charles De Gaulle Airport Central Paris 45 minutes-45 Euros
Orly Airport Central Paris 30 minutes-35 Euros
Beauvais Airport Central Paris 1-2 hours-100 to 120 Euros

It is sometimes challenging to find a taxi in Paris.All the taxis are mainly at the airports as they get good rates and increasing number of tourist in Paris.Due to less traffics at night, taxis are comparatively cheap.To get a taxi you have to approach to the taxi stations because they do not pick you up unless you are at the station.The minimum charge for a taxi trip is 5.50 Euros, but the meter does not show this amount.

The best idea is to take the reciept from the taxi driver which lists the taxi ID ,incase if you forget something in the taxi.

A night tour in a taxi is a good and a cheap option to make your day the most memorable in Paris.It is normally an hour tour.The tour is in the bright lights at night from Notre-Dame to the Eiffel Tower along the Left Bank of river Siene to the Right Bank or you can plan by yourself.

There are services for reservation of taxis. Two largest taxi services are Taxis G7 and Taxis Blues.

Taxi G7 Taxi G7 :

22 Rue Henri Barbusse,
92110 Clichy,
+33 1 47 39 47 39

Click here for Google Map
Taxis Blues Taxis Blues :

Un peu partout,
+33 891 70 10 10

Click here for Google Map


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