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Weather in Paris

Paris in Spring

Paris in Spring is the most popular and highly visited cities in France. It is the ideal time to visit Paris.Springs are mild and sunny in Paris. Springs are a mixture of lower prices and smaller crowds. Spring prevails from mid March to June end. It spreads the lush green cover with beautiful flowers all round the city. All people are awaiting for the Foire du Trone Funfair. There is a feeling of holiday in air among the peoples of the city so it is the best time to visit. As the days are longer many exhibitions are held at the museums, which you can plan for your visit.

Paris in Summer

Better check out the temperature before going to Paris in summer if you do not like summer season. Most of the residents leave the city for their summer vaccation. People like to sit on the banks on the river Seine and in an open terrace cafe. It is the festival season for Paris. Summers are from late June to September end. Many concerts are held in open air theatres at this time of the year. On 14th July the famous parade at Champs-Elysee takes place.

Paris in Fall

An amazing shade of colours spread round the city with a carpet of fallen leaves. Autumn starts from late September to December end. At the start the local businesses grow up and at the end the celebrations of Christmas begins. Not the summer nor the spring has such charm than this face of autumn. Several trade fairs and some festivals take place during autumn.

Paris in Winter

The rooftops of the houses are often covered with snow. It is said that the colour of winter is in the imaginations. Winters start from December end upto March. People like enjoying long walks along the market and drink hot chocolate at some cafe.

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