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The City of Paris



Paris is the capital city of France. It is located on the banks of the river Siene. Paris is also called the cosmopolitan capital of France. 12 million people live in Paris-politicians, teachers, artists, fashion designers, film-stars, workers- all living in the metropolitan area. Paris is a tribute to France known for its Romance and Arts. The city is named as the Capital of Fashion for their world-reknown fashion designers. Paris is also the host for some international organisations like UNESCO which covers the large part of river Siene.Every location in Paris has its own beauty.

Paris is divided into two parts by the river Siene. Situated at 48 52' N Latitude and 2 19' 60 E Longitude. Paris is located at lower level in a concave shaped basin to the north of France. The Seine river flows for about 8 miles. The Seine river gives the shape of a human face looking upward. The suitable location of Paris makes it easy for tourists to reach the city. The city is surrounded by two attractive river islands Ile de La Cite and Ile St-Louis. Saint Chapelle and the Conciergerie prison are still surviving at Ile de la Cite. At the other end the most famous monumnet was built, called as the Cathedral of Notre-Dame. Ile St-Louis is considered most romantic part of the city. The favorite entry to the island is from the east of the Hotel De Ville.


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